Rotterdam in a Nutshell – one of the most exciting cities of the Netherlands


  • Sustainable lifestyle individuals /li>
  • Foodies
  • Those who are culturally interested
  • Explorers and adventurers
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Those keen on design and architecture


15 minMeet and greet at Bike & Bite where you will get your bike and helmet if required
3:45 minCycling through Rotterdam with an experienced tour guide that will bring you to 5 innovative initiatives in Rotterdam. During the tour you will taste different snacks and drinks (equal to a big lunch)

Description of the tour: Rotterdam in a Nutshell – one of the most exciting cities of the Netherlands

Cycle tour • 4hrs • Group size (4-10) • €75,69 pp

During the tour you will cycle through Rotterdam where according to Lonely Planet ‘Innovation is the mantra of this second city of the Netherlands.’ You will meet up with inspiring people that like to do things differently and see initiatives that are still in a start-up phase but can’t be missed when you visit this remarkable city.

About Laura and Paul

Rotterdam in a nutshell

by Alina Krasieva

Paul and Laura, born and raised in Rotterdam, take you to their own favourite places in the city. After doing many tours abroad as a stewardess, Laura got the idea to take people on a food tour in her own city. Rotterdam has more than 170 cultures, so enough to have delicious bites to choose from. Don’t expect lengthy history stories during this tour, but a visit to the city as if you were passing by an old friend. So why now a sustainable tour combined with food?

We think that living and working in a city like Rotterdam automatically steers you in that direction because so many innovative things are happening here. For example, we have been invited by Rotterdam Partners to think along with them about the sustainable future of tourism in the city. How do you keep the city ‘your own’ while at the same time becoming a tourist attraction? We have also regularly participated in Crowdforce, where initiatives that make a positive contribution to the city are put front and centre. All in all, it is a combination of love for the city with a view to the future, I think.

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This Tour Includes:

  • Insights into the latest sustainable developments in Rotterdam
  • A bike and helmet if required
  • A wonderful bike ride through an inspiring and innovative city
  • Different snacks and drinks along the way

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Willemsplein 78 3016 DR, Rotterdam

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