Amsterdam’s Amazing Street Food Tour with a former professional chef

About this experience

  • Walking tour
  • 11:00 – 14:00 pm
  • Group size 3-10
  • €87.50 p.p.

Sample and soak up the current culture, along with historic references, which radiates from one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Food and taste is where every culture meets up and celebrates life! Let’s taste what Amsterdam has to offer!

NOTE: This tour is NOT available on Sundays due to the market’s timetable.

Experience description

After being picked up at Heineken Experience, Konstantina will walk you to the Albert Cuyp Market which is not only the largest but also the most popular outdoor market in the Netherlands. The market is situated in the heart of the De Pijp district, one of Amsterdam’s liveliest areas, filled with ethnic shops, cafés, restaurants and cozy bars. Due to Konstantina’s background as a professional chef, she knows exactly where to find the best food and where to meet up with the right people who sell it. You will have time to check out the stands with local Dutch delicacies such as cheese, fish, herring and of course the famous stroopwafel!! The market is a cultural melting pot where traditional Dutch snacks mingle with foreign food cultures, creating the best street food experience! While on tour, we will have 3 seated stops.

For whom?

  • Food lovers
  • Culture enthusiasts
  • Appreciate a hands-on cooking experience
  • City walkers
  • Food adventure seekers
  • Intrigued by local finds

This tour includes:

  • Private Tour Guide
  • All food snacks, per guest
  • Customized tour for just you and your friends
  • Recommendations of restaurants and bars in Amsterdam

What you get

  • Private Tour Guide
  • All food snacks, per guest
  • Customized tour for just you and your friends
  • Recommendations of restaurants and bars in Amsterdam


Entrance Heineken Experience

Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE, Amsterdam

About Konstantina

Culinary life started early in my Greek mom’s kitchen. I am lucky to have been introduced by her all the joys of food and cooking. As we all know, nothing beats mama’s food, and let’s not forget, Gastronomy is a Greek word!
This background in food inevitably led to a successful 12-year career as a professional chef, working mainly in Italian Cuisine but also in kitchens with an international orientation. I was active in a wide range of catering & food workshops, and I also worked for high-end restaurants and small unique concepts. Food is the best way to connect to a culture and learn, devour and explore the world. I would love to share with you my kitchen stories, Dutch recipes and give you the best dining tips for your Amsterdam stay.

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