Architecture Walk and Talk in Rotterdam

Dutch architecture today is one of the country’s most successful exports, with names such as Rem Koolhaas and Lars Spuybroek popping up on blueprints from Beijing to Seattle.
Rotterdam is considered the architecture capital of the Netherlands. A city rebuilt from the ashes after a devastating bombardment during WW2. Since then the city on the river Maas has become a laboratory of architectural design, urban planning and even an art venue.
Learn about the history, the culture and the character of the port city. Follow your guide through the chronology of its post-war reconstruction. Visit the must-see architecture icons and get a sneak preview of the future developments of Rotterdam.


  • Architects, students of architecture and architecture fanatics
  • Cultural tourists
  • Residents of Rotterdam that want to get to know the city better
  • City walkers


09:55 amMeeting by the main entrance of Central Station Rotterdam, on the outside, under the station’s clock
10:00 am The tour starts through the central area of Rotterdam following city architectural icons and must see spots
11:30 amShort break by the unique indoor market the Markthal for taking pictures
12:30 pmEnd of the tour along the riverside, facing the magnificent view of South Rotterdam

Description of the tour: Architecture Walk and Talk in Rotterdam

Walking tour • 10:00 am – 12:30 pm • Group size (2-10) • €45.00 pp

Departing from the newly built Rotterdam Central Station, your architecture walking tour follows city icons like the Theater Square, the 50s’ modernist shopping area the Lijnbaan, and the supermodern Timmerhuis, designed by the world famous architects of The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).
Your guide will take you on an exclusive journey through the history and daily life of the city and reveal to you some of the hidden spots of Rotterdam.
One of the main highlights of your city walk is the Markthal, the most unique and fancy indoor market in Europe. Here we’ll have a shortstop to explore the building and to take pictures.
The tour continues along the river Maas, viewing the high-end architecture developments on the south and the symbol of modern Rotterdam, the Erasmus bridge.

What Do You Get

  • Local architect guide
  • Pick-up by Central Station Rotterdam
  • A Dutch cookie
  • Drop off on the riverside

About Silvia and Tania

Architecture Walk and Talk in Rotterdam

by Alina Krasieva

Silvia is an architect and Tania a landscape architect with a background in art. They have chosen Rotterdam to be their home, the city of their kids and also their career.
Newcomers in Rotterdam themselves, respectively 20 and 10 years ago, the two are still familiar with the feeling of being a first time foreign visitor. Now local and very involved in the city in many ways, their tours in Rotterdam are inspired by their love for the place, the passion to explore it and the ability to share their knowledge with the rest of the world!

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This Tour Includes:

  • Local architect guide
  • Pick-up by Central Station Rotterdam
  • A Dutch cookie
  • Drop off on the riverside

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