Seaweed Walk

About this experience

  • Tour by foot
  • 2 hrs
  • Group size 2-10
  • €27.50 p.p.

We are eating more and more sushi made with seaweed. Also, in the supermarket you can find an increasing number of products containing seaweed. Seaweed (kelp) puts significantly less strain on the environment than animal protein sources such as meat. This healthy and nutritious algae filters seawater, stores CO2 from the sea and breathes out oxygen under water. It is therefore very important for the environment. During this experience you will discover that there is a lot to learn about seaweed.

Experience description

On one of the most deserted beaches in Zeeland you will be introduced to the wonderful world of wild seaweed. You get to know, feel and taste the species. A true experience for the senses. This voyage of discovery to the forgotten ‘plants’ of the sea will be concluded with vegetarian Wildweed sushi.


Get ready!

– Bring boots or, if you don’t have them, shoes that can get wet (salt) and protect your feet from sharp oysters. We walk a maximum of 400 meters.

– Make sure you can withstand the weather. We are usually full-on in the (cold) wind at this location. Bring too much clothing!

– Check the location in advance. We don’t have time at the last moment to guide you by phone to the right spot.

For whom?

  • Individuals interested in seaweed
  • Nature lovers
  • Foodies

This tour includes:

  • Inspiring guide
  • Fresh wild seaweed sushi
  • Knowledge about seaweed

What you get

  • Wonderful outside experience


Where: Zeeland – N51° 38′ 30.69″, E3° 42′ 21.61″

End of the north eastern harbour dam at Neeltje Jans. That is the harbour to the west of the Topshuis (large four-sided building of Rijkswaterstaat).

Seaweed Walk

About Ellen & Guido

Ellen is a herbalist and Guido is a nature experience guide and eco-hydrologist. For both, nature forms a thread through their lives. Every week they harvest fresh Zeeland seaweed by hand (scissors), which is used in a number of restaurants.

With their seaweed walk they want to contribute to familiarity with this fresh, sustainable and Zeeland product.

“We want to show that we can live together with nature. We can ‘reap the benefits’ without disrupting the ecosystem and even (if possible) add value. Using seaweed is clever and wise, and needs to go from the edge to the middle of the plate, both at home and in restaurants!

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To make sure this experience meets your preferences and expectations, we would like to make a personalized offer. Please contact us to book this exclusive experience. We will set a suitable date in consultation with you and the host.


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