What to do next?

Step 1

Surprise us with your offer. Think about the coolest things you do for fun. Send an email to info@adutchexperience.com and let us know in a few sentences what your experience consists of. Please make sure that you mention everything which makes it such a unique experience. Think about the time it will take and don’t forget to mention the location and the maximum number of people who can come along. Don’t forget to tell us also who you are and what you enjoy doing the most!

Step 2

After reading your email we will be in touch to let you know if your experience fits our requirements. If so, we will arrange a visit to experience your offer and help you with the pricing and creation of your profile. A professional photographer will take great photos of the highlights of your experience and take a picture of you so that travelers know who they will meet up with.

Step 3

Creating a profile and putting up an experience is free. When you get a confirmed booking, A Dutch Exprience collects a 25% commision which is automatically deducted. The client is also charged a 3,9% booking fee. It’s pretty much the industry standard rate. After you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, a profile will be created for you on the A Dutch Experience website. We will set up your calender, fill in your availablity and manage your bookings. You can contact the traveler via the A Dutch Experience website in order to discuss details.

Step 4

Start receiving awesome guests!

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