Tough, quirky and carelessly beautiful

By Rense de Boer

Charles I was king of England, Scotland and Ireland (1600-1649). He was a self-willed man with a totally individual style of living and governing and he wore a big baroque pearl in his left ear all his life.

by Marlou Pulles

Inspired by Charles I, Rense de Boer a Dutch jewellery designer and maker, brings back Charles’ Pearl as a symbol of an idiosyncratic piece of jewellery: tough and carelessly beautiful. “I am always looking for special and “baroque” pearls, because they are unique and make every piece of jewellery a kind of “one of a kind”. Grey-green “tahiti pearls” from the Pacific Ocean, Akoya Pearls from the sea around Japan, Keshi pearls from the Indonesian Archipelago, River pearls from the Missisippi, freshwater pearls from freshwater basins in China … all gems made by nature.” Each piece of jewellery is completely handmade from gold, silver, bronze or gold-filled and guaranteed non-allergenic, made to wear every day. Each piece of jewellery is unique, there is no second exactly like that, just like you.