Food history of Amsterdam

I was very impressed by the experience. I loved the little cafe where we started the journey by first meeting our local tour guide Charlotte. She was so lovely and had a great way of presenting the food history of Amsterdam in a relatively short time. As someone who likes to experience cities on my own I found this tour to be a very helpfull and unique way of observing the surroundings and learning at the same time. My favourite part about the experience is that it’s kept in a small group so everyone can hear and taste everything. I do have to mention that the tour itself ended right on time but the last part, that is the beer tasting/hangout at the pub, goes past the 2,5hrs. That is just something to keep in mind in case you are on a tight schedule. For me that was not a problem at all and I really enjoyed that last bit as well. I would recommend this tour to anyone that likes to experience things differently! I went on my own and it was nice to meet new people and see Amsterdam from another perspective. I also think this could be a great idea for a gift.

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