Daughter of a Blacksmith

I hope I am not too late with my feedback, but I wanted to give it a couple of days to let the experience settle.
Firstly, I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing experience it was! I have always wanted to take part in such blacksmithing courses, and this gave a very good insight of how it feels to work with metal. The venue gave a very rustic feeling, which just added to the blacksmithing atmosphere. The difficulty of the projects was not just right: Especially when considering the first knife we made, it was fun to have a multi step process (first the blade, then the point, then curl the point, etc), as it challenges me, but was still achievable in the time frame. Coming home afterwards, I was very proud to show my parents what I had achieved.

Overall, it was a great experience, with there being only one minor thing that would have helped me get even more out of the day: I know it is difficult as I was the only non-dutch speaking participant, but it may have helped if your co-worker had translated as you demonstrated how to forge the iron. I felt like I had to ask for help a lot afterwards, where I felt I was disturbing your work.

Despite these minor aspects, I still had lots of fun, and I would definitely recommend it to others that want to do it. Thank you so much!

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