Musical walking tour through The Hague

About this experience

  • Tour by foot
  • 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Group size 2-8
  • €94.29 p.p.

Whilst for painting, the 17th century undoubtedly forms the Netherlands’ Golden Age, in many ways it is the 18th century which is the Golden Age for the Dutch musical arts. With a richly vibrant and cosmopolitan music scene with far reaching international influences and interests, the Netherlands in the 18th century was a buzz with musical activity.

Experience description

I would love to share my musical passion and discoveries with you in a most personal manner through this hand-crafted musical walking tour through my adopted city of The Hague. In the 18th century, The Hague was an elegant, bustling, international European musical centre, with a slew of composers and musicians in residence at the court, 4 opera houses and a constant parade of famous musical visitors. Exploring this vibrant and cosmopolitan musical heritage of the city, the tour visits the sites of the 18th century musicians’ houses, their rehearsal and performance locations, and retraces the steps of 18th century musical residents of The Hague including Stamitz, Zappa (!) and court kapellmeister Graaf, and of famous musical visitors to the city including Abel, JC Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Want to personalize this offer? An Exclusive Private Concert: an ensemble of 7 international, specialist musicians performing on authentic instruments at an historic location in the old center of The Hague or at your own location. Please send an email to for more information.

For whom?

  • Classical Music lovers
  • Dutch musical history enthusiasts
  • Walking tour through The Hague

This tour includes:

  • A passionate orchestra conductor as a tour guide
  • Walking tour through The Hague
  • Choice of discs “Symphonies from the 18th Court of Orange in The Hague” or “Grand Tour – Baroque Road Trip”

What you get

  • A passionate orchestra conductor
  • Walking tour through The Hague
  • Insights of the musical past of the Netherlands
  • Opportunity to see 18th century architecture


Cafe-Bistro Walter Benedict

Denneweg 69A
2514 CE, The Hague

About Simon

Originally from Sydney Australia, I am a passionate orchestra conductor and violist who moved to The Hague in the Netherlands some 20 years ago to follow my dream of performing 18th century music on authentic instruments in authentic surroundings and at the famous European halls and festivals.

Already as a child, I was deeply inspired by the highly innovative Dutch early music tradition, and fell in love with the sound of the authentic instruments – simultaneously elegant and earthy, exciting and soothing, sensual and visionary

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To make sure this experience meets your preferences and expectations, we would like to make a personalized offer. Please contact us to book this exclusive experience. We will set a suitable date in consultation with you and the host.


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