Who can list an experience on the website of A Dutch Experience?

The focus is on experiences which are offered by locals, who are inspired to talk about their particular hobby, profession or trade. This could be anything, from a lecture to a workshop, culture to culinary, and intellectual to sport, or a combination thereof, but always intimate and personal. Sometimes luxurious, sometimes basic, but genuine and with a passion for the subject, whether architecture, circular economics, kinetic art or design, and more.
A Dutch Experience does not need to be Dutch. The Dutch are represented by all colors, our palates savor a world of food, we have art from everywhere, listen to a waltz, chanson or blues and attend a church, mosque, synagogue or the café… It is Dutch because it is a local experience. It is not determined by a passport, but by our home base and who we are; hospitable, proud and tolerant. Whether the smoking of eel or the distilling of jenever, it could also be about French cheese, German composers, Arab horses or Greek Mythology. Our emphasis is on special stories told by special people and in particular, the personal touch and the passion of the local.

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