Whilst for painting, the 17th century undoubtedly forms the Netherlands’ Golden Age, in many ways it is the 18th century which is the Golden Age for the Dutch musical arts. With a richly vibrant and cosmopolitan music scene with far reaching international influences and interests, the Netherlands in the 18th century was a buzz with musical activity – from high quality music-making in the home to lavish theatre and opera productions, public concert series with local heroes and visiting international stars, world renowned instrument makers and the famous, international Dutch music publishers of the period who determined the musical tastes of Europe and even large parts of the New World with their first editions of new chamber, vocal and symphonic masterpieces

Description of the musical walking tour through The Hague

Tour by foot • 3:00 – 5:00 pm • Group size 2-8  • €75.00 pp

I would love to share my musical passion and discoveries with you in a most personal manner through this hand-crafted musical walking tour through my adopted city of The Hague. In the 18th century, The Hague was an elegant, bustling, international European musical centre, with a slew of composers and musicians in residence at the court, 4 opera houses and a constant parade of famous musical visitors. Exploring this vibrant and cosmopolitan musical heritage of the city, the tour visits the sites of the 18th century musicians’ houses, their rehearsal and performance locations, and retraces the steps of 18th century musical residents of The Hague including Stamitz, Zappa (!) and court kapellmeister Graaf, and of famous musical visitors to the city including Abel, JC Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Want to personalize this offer? An Exclusive Private Concert: an ensemble of 7 international, specialist musicians performing on authentic instruments at an historic location in the old center of The Hague or at your own location. After the performance, you can enjoy a glass and meet the members of the ensemble. Simon can adapt the repertoire according to your wishes and interests. Price: € 13,500. Please send an email to info@nulladuchexperience.com for more information.

About Simon


by Alina Krasieva

Originally from Sydney Australia, I am a passionate orchestra conductor and violist who moved to The Hague in the Netherlands some 20 years ago to follow my dream of performing 18th century music on authentic instruments in authentic surroundings and at the famous European halls and festivals.

Already as a child, I was deeply inspired by the highly innovative Dutch early music tradition, and fell in love with the sound of the authentic instruments – simultaneously elegant and earthy, exciting and soothing, sensual and visionary

Subsequently, I devoted my life to the rediscovery of Dutch and European musical heritage through research and musical explorations. I love scouring historical archives for lost musical gems and then bringing this inspiring music and its rich palettes and soundscapes to life for modern audiences, both through (world première) recordings of this repertoire and live on stage. I am honoured to have attained international awards as a conductor and violist. The French music magazine Diapason has flatteringly dubbed me the “repertoire-refresher”.

This Tour Includes:

  • A passionate orchestra conductor as a tour guide
  • Walking tour through The Hague
  • Choice of discs “Symphonies from the 18th Court of Orange in The Hague” or “Grand Tour – Baroque Road Trip”

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Denneweg 69A 2514 CE, The Hague


  1. david mulder says:

    The musical walking tour through The Hague made me look at the city with new eyes – it was truly fascinating to learn about an aspect of the history of this city that I was completely unaware of! Simon’s knowledge about the subject and the pleasure and ease with which he shared his information with us were a delight. The walk took 2 hours, but seemed to be over in no time! A special gift at the end of the tour (you’ll have to book it yourselves to see what it was…) gave the entire afternoon an extra memorable ending. In short: I much enjoyed my experience!

  2. Kaitlin Hawthorne says:

    The Hague is a beautiful city and Simon’s tour opened my eyes to its great musical past. It was a lovely way to explore the city and spend an afternoon.

    It made me want to learn about my own cities music history. Highly enjoyable.

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