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Without a doubt, the best way to experience Amsterdam is to meet the people who make the city tick. This Craftsmen tour takes you to different producers who make Amsterdam the vibrant, innovative city that it is. Craftsmen like coffee roasters, beer brewers and artisan sausage makers are passionate about their métier and like to welcome you in their locales. They will share their stories, show you around and tell you how it is to create unique products in this lovely city of Amsterdam.

Description of the tour: Made in Amsterdam

Tour by foot and public transport • 1:00 – 3:30 pm • Group size (2-10) • €75.00

We meet up at TOKI, a fresh coffee venue in the heart of Amsterdam, founded by Jeff Flink who serves fantastic coffee by the internationally renowned, specialty roasters Bonanza from Berlin. This local coffee hangout is situated in a small street which runs parallel to the Haarlemmerstraat, not long ago voted the best shopping street of the Netherlands. The introduction will take place during coffee (or very good tea, if preferred) and I will talk about this part of the northern Jordaan district. After a caffeine warm-up, it’s time for food. We will explore three inspirational food locations. On our journey, I will share many insights into the local food.

The closure of our tour can only be done in one way, and that is enjoying the ultimate local drink, Jenever. This Dutch version of gin has increased in popularity over the last few years, with a national rediscovery of this spirit which has also made its name on the international scene. We will visit a picturesque bodega which is hidden between the Dam Square and the Red Light District to hear the story behind the distilling kettles and the processes, and of course, indulge in tasting!

Optional: Amsterdam Makers Tour with an hour of tasting at the ultimate sausage maker. The story of this company is inspiring and started with three friends whose dreams came true in 2011. We will hear about the journey they have made from a small idea to the status of leading artisan sausage makers of the Netherlands. Price: This tour takes 3.5 hours and costs € 100,- pp.

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About Elise


by Britta Gerdts

I am a thirtysomething freelancer and beside my various work activities, I love to share stories about neighborhoods, the local culture and above all, the creative outlook that is ever-present in this city. I have been living in Amsterdam for over a decade, starting as a student in styling, media and cultural studies and now, as a happy urbanite, living in a vibrant area called Oud-West. I have a passion for art, design and food, and love to show you the local gems of this city.

“ What I particularly appreciate about these craftsmen is their entrepreneurial spirit. Their stories are inspirational and representative of my generation of urban dwellers.”

This Tour Includes:

  • A fantastic urban dweller as your guide
  • All food
  • As well as the accompanying beverages

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  1. Elise Nilda Willems says:

    After a great first test experience with C. from the USA I’m looking forward to many more nice groups of enthusiastic foodies who love to explore the city with me!

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Taste of the real Dutch life

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