Leiden Down Under

Leiden is the place where Rembrandt was born and produced almost 50 works. Leiden is also the oldest university city in the Netherlands, known for its rich past, still visible in the old underground cellars. During this Experience you will explore Leiden above and below ground. After this Experience you will look at Leiden from a different angle and realize that you have walked 2 kms in archaeology and history in the centre.


  • History lovers
  • Archaeology enthusiasts
  • Fascinated by medieval city development
  • Beer enthusiasts

1:00 pmMeet and greet at the stairs to the Burcht of Leiden
1:10 pmMedieval cellar tour
2:45 pmHistorical beer tasting at the city brewery
3:30 pmEnd of tour

Description of the tour: Leiden Down Under

Tour by foot • 2,5 hrs • Group size (2-10) • €75,00 pp

During this experience you will go underground into the old cellars of Leiden. Beneath ground level you will be totally surrounded by history. The cellars tell the story of the beginning of Leiden, in the 13th century. We will visit several old cellars throughout the old city centre. The story of the origins of Leiden will be told in these historic settings, accompanied by numerous old maps, paintings and reconstructions. Archaeological finds from different time periods will be shown but unlike in a museum, visitors may hold and examine every object. At the end of the tour you’ll enjoy an historical beer tasting at the city brewery. You will get to know the rich history of brewing beer in Leiden while tasting beer made according to old brewing recipes.

About Jasper


by Marlou Pulles

People have been living in Leiden for 800 years and they have left behind remnants of the past which are still visible. As an archaeologist, I like to make the past tangible.

Archaeology connects people to the place where they live.

Archaeology provides a connection between people and the place where they live. The history of Leiden is only really fun when you can experience it with all your senses. Moreover, as an archaeologist, I find it important to share the stories of the former inhabitants with the world of today. During my archaeology studies in Leiden I fell in love with the rich history of the city and the village feeling that still lingers in the old centre. After my studies I delved into the history of Leiden by doing research into the old cellars and the history of Leiden’s beer. I enjoyed immensely discovering the unknown underground world of Leiden and I like to take people with me on the same discovery tour.

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This Tour Includes:

  • An inspirational guide
  • A real taste of history
  • A look into the hidden underground world of Leiden
  • Historical beer tasting with snacks

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Van der Sterrepad 5 2312 EK, Leiden
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