Gravity, random and rolling balls in Kinetic Art

It’s all about movement. Kinetic pieces of art come to life by generating fascination through their moving parts. This motion can be provided in many ways: by gravity, wind or water power, using clockwork mechanisms, electric engines, solar energy, magnetism, and so on…


03:00 Welcome at Mark's studio in Amsterdam-Oost
03:15Demonstration of kinetic installations
04:30Discussion about the role of kinetic work in a digital age
05:30End of tour

Description of tour: Gravity, random and rolling balls in kinetic art

Visit to his Studio • 3:00 – 5:30 pm • Group size (2-15) • €62.86 pp

Mark welcomes you to his studio in Amsterdam-Oost. During the first 1.5 hour he will demonstrate his kinetic installations including Markrokosmos, a complex kinetic glass marble machine measuring 300x300x250cm. A simplified replica of this piece can be seen in the Hollywood movie Fracture (2007), as symbolic hobby object of Anthony Hopkins. During the second part of the tour Mark will talk about ‘The role of kinetic work in a digital age’. He will also introduce you to the work of some esteemed contemporary kinetic artists. This talk will be accompanied by film material and whilst enjoying some typical Dutch ‘snacks’. Mark invites you to take part in the discussion about rolling ball sculptures. Curious? Take a look at this interview with Mark.

What Do You Get

  • Hands-on experience with the artist
  • Information on how the kinetic art connects with the digital world
  • Typical Dutch snacks
  • Entrance fee Studio

About Mark


by Alina Krasieva

My fascination for kinetic art started after my graduation in cello at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. Although I still enjoy cello teaching, I felt the need to also develop my own ideas. As I like working with my hands, I started to build my own kinetic objects.

For a long time I was taught cello by Russian teachers. Their uncompromising dedication was extremely inspiring. Finishing was everything – tone, intonation, shape. Working on kinetic installations requires a different kind of effort but seriousness and commitment are essentially the same.

“I often ask myself the question why someone is touched by kinetic art? The answer is because we are people who eat, drink, sleep and make love. Unpredictability is part of the charm. People like to be surprised, be moved by an object whose idea is not unlocked at first glance.”
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This Tour Includes:

  • Entrance fee Studio
  • Guided tour and demonstration of own work
  • Talk about kinetic art in a Digital Age
  • Dutch snacks

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Tweede Oosterparkstraat 218 1092 BV, Amsterdam

One testimonial

  1. Lance Chilton says:

    Mark Bischof is a magician, and not only with his remarkable, intricate kinetic art, but also with words and knowledge and the ability to connect with visitors. We had a wonderful, unhurried two hour or so visit we’d love to repeat sometime.

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