Amsterdam is a beautiful and dynamic city. Over the past decades it has attracted tourists from all over the world. Recently, the city has been gradually encompassing Amsterdam Noord, the Northern part of the city, separated by water; Het IJ. Long ago, this was the district where criminals and villains were exiled and hanged. Those days are behind us, and seeing the area from this side of the water gives you a fresh and interesting view of the central city.

Description of the tour: Exploring the other side of Amsterdam

Tour by foot and public transport • 2:00 – 4:30 pm • Group size (2-6) • €75.00 pp

We assemble at the I Amsterdam store at the end of the IJ-passage at Amsterdam Central Station. We take the ferry across the water and view Amsterdam from the brand new ADAM Tower. History will come alive and with a little imagination, you will see past sea battles, VOC (East India Company) ships, the old harbor, the departing ships of the Holland-America line, and the development of the petrochemical industry, all the within a context of old and modern architecture.
Back on ground level, we take a walk along the banks of Het IJ and here you can see a vista of transformation. An old crane, and shipyards as the focal points of a district in transition, an abandoned submarine, and all kinds of workshops alongside brand new offices and lofts. On the way, I will tell you about the concerns of Amsterdam becoming the next Venice, explain how to avoid tourist crowds, and direct you to shops and spots of interest. We’ll end our walk at the NDSM dockyard. From there the ferry takes us back to the other side.

Book for the beginning of your trip so you can explore Amsterdam from another side!

Practical info:
– Put on your walking shoes
– Bring your own map (highly recommended)
– Take binoculars with you (highly recommended)

About Bas


by Britta Gerdts

I am self-employed in international business and a freelance teacher of philosophy, Russian history and T’ai Chi. I have lived all my life, more than fifty years, in Amsterdam and know the city inside out. I am fluent in English, Russian and German, and sing and play trombone in two bands. I love to share my insider knowledge and perception of this wonderful, vibrant city.

Is there anything better than stepping into the city after a business trip and feeling with all my being, I am home?”

This Tour Includes:

  • An all-round guide
  • Entrance fee ADAM Tower
  • Coffee/tea

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De Ruijterkade 28a-d 1012 AA, Amsterdam

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  1. David says:

    This is a very cool and unique way to explore Amsterdam like the locals do! I would recommend it to everyone who’s visiting Amsterdam!

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