Dudok and Duiker: famous architects in the garden city of Hilversum

Admire the world famous City Hall of Hilversum, created by Willem Marinus Dudok. Visit the residential areas and public buildings Dudok designed as the architect of this energetic, expanding city. Note their creative layout and unique details. And, include the Sanatorium Zonnestraal designed by the young architect Jan Duiker. The complex is now nominated for the World Heritage List.


  • Architecture enthusiasts
  • Someone who wants to explore a town just under the skyline of Amsterdam
  • Enjoys a bike tour along architectural masterpieces listed on the World Heritage List
  • Enjoys being outdoors


09:00 Meet and greet at Hilversum Central Station. Bike (and helmet) rental
09:20Cycle tour through Hilversum with stops at various architectural masterpieces of Dudok and Duiker
11:30A drink at one of the old cafés in the centre of Hilversum
12:00End of tour. Bike (and helmet) return

Description of the tour: Dudok and Duiker, famous architects in the garden city of Hilversum

Bike tour  • 9:00 – 12:00 am • Group size (2-8) • €94.29 pp

The tour begins and ends at the Hilversum Central Station. There we will arrange your bike (and helmet) hire. After a brief introduction, I will take you past the architectural masterpieces of Dudok and Duiker.  We complete our architecture trip with the famous Raadhuis (City Hall) by Dudok in his romantic cubism style. We can exchange our experiences in one of the old cafés in the centre of Hilversum before returning our bikes.


What Do You Get

  • Personalized architectural tour
  • Experienced guide
  • Enjoy a bike tour through a town under the skyline of Amsterdam

About Pieter

Portrait of Pieter

by Pascal Raymond Dorland

Pieter has lived with his family in Hilversum for more than 35 years. With a legal background, he worked for most of his career at the Department of Economic Development of the city of Amsterdam. History has always been his hobby. So, some twelve years ago he decided to study history at the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. He gained his Master’s Degree Cum Laude. Now he gives lectures and directs excursions on the history of Hilversum and also military history. Pieter is member of the Order of Oranje Nassau for his work of preserving the cultural history of Hilversum.

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This Tour Includes:

  • Pick-up and drop off at Hilversum Central train station
  • Bike, helmet if desired and water
  • Coffee, tea or aperitif
  • Experienced guide

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14-03-2020 €94.29 (EUR)*  

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Stationsplein 7 1211 EX, Hilversum

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