A thick pin, don’t say anything: eel fishing in Zoutkamp

‘A thick pin, don’t say anything but I can already see by the muzzle if it is a good,fat one!’ Visit Gaele Postma in Zoutkamp, a picturesque old fishing village near the National Park ‘Het Lauwersmeer’ and join him on his boat to learn more about a Fisherman’s life and fishing for eels.


  • Nature lovers
  • Boat tour
  • Avid Fishermen
  • Those who are interested in seeing a Dutch national park
  • Seafood lovers


02:00 pmMeet and greet at the Fish shop of Gaele Postma
02:15 till 03:45 pmBoat tour
04:00 till 05:00 pmVisit to the smoke house
05:00 pmEnd of tour

Description of the tour: A thick pin, don’t say anything: eel fishing in Zoutkamp

Boat tour • 3 hrs • Group size 4 – 8 • €47.14

Long ago, ‘gerookte paling’ (smoked eel) was a staple food in the Netherlands. Due to scarcity and price it is now a sought-after delicacy. It is often served on a cracker or a bun as a cocktail snack.

During this 3 hrs boat tour, you will meander through the unique and beautiful landscape of the National Park ‘Het Lauwersmeer’. You will see how and where the eel is caught and hear all about the Fisherman’s life. You will then visit the smoke house where the eels are prepared for smoking, to develop its distinctive flavor. The boat tour begins and ends at Gaele’s fish shop in Zoutkamp.

What Do You Get

  • A passionate Fisherman
  • Boat trip
  • Eel fishing/tasting
  • Learn more about a Dutch traditional way of life
  • Visit to the National Park 'Het Lauwersmeer'

About Gaele

Experience eel fishing with host Gaele

by Marlou Pulles

Gaele is the fifth generation of eel fishermen. What he enjoys most is to go out fishing early in the morning and checking what is in the traps.
“l prefer eating eel stewed in butter, nutmeg, salt, vinegar, and bay leaf. I don’t add water because the fish has enough of its own moisture!”

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This Tour Includes:

  • A passionate Fisherman
  • Boat trip
  • Eel fishing/tasting
  • Visit to the National Park 'Het Lauwersmeer'

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Reitdiepskade 16 9974 PJ, Zoutkamp

2 testimonials

  1. Thea van der Werf says:

    We had our Dutch experience in Zoutkamp last week. It was awesome, we had a great time with fisherman Gaele Postma and his wife.
    The smoked eal we ate was delicious.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Thea. We’re proud to have Gaele as one of our hosts-he smokes some delicious eel!

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