A Bridge too far

Oosterbeek is known internationally for the Battle of Arnhem. During the Second World War the area played an important role because of the airborne forces and battle of the allied troops in September 1944, as part of Operation Market Garden. The whole year round you can feel the atmosphere around Oosterbeek, especially in September when the village transforms into the airborne area.


  • History lovers
  • People who like to experience this period in history
  • Lovers of beautiful scenery


1:00 pmMeet and greet at IC train station Ede/Wageningen
1:10 pmTravel together by Land Rover to the Ginkel heath for meet and greet with coffee/tea and cake in the field
2:00 pmVisit to historical areas that played a crucial role during Operation Market Garden
4:00 pmEnd of tour

Description of the tour: A Bridge too far

Historical tour by car • 3 hrs* • Group size (2-8) • €90,- pp**

*On Thursdays and Fridays from 13:00 – 15:30; Saturdays and Sundays from: 9:30 till 12:00.
**Booking an experience for only one person costs €160,-

We can meet at IC station Ede/Wageningen or I can pick you up with the Land Rover at one of the hotels in the vicinity of the Experience.** During the tour we go back in time with stories and visits to special historical locations, so that you gain a good impression of what happened in that time. It was a massive operation, with a very broad alliance which eventually failed, needlessly taking many victims on both sides. A power struggle amongst the leading generals led to the wrong decisions being taken at crucial points. We start the tour on the Ginkel heath which served as a Drop Zone for all paratroopers during Operation Market Garden. They were to connect with the Allies on the other side of the river. We continue the tour along the Field of Honour to Hotel Hartenstein, which served as the headquarters of the British Airborne Troops during the operation. Nowadays villa Hartenstein serves as the Airborne museum but will be under construction till March 2020. From here we will be heading to the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem, where we finish the tour and you will have the opportunity to visit the museum Airborne at the bridge by yourself. Seeing the places in combination with a visit to the museum, you will relive the period of September 1944 in Oosterbeek by means of images and sound that you will always remember.

**As Michel makes use of an older generation Land Rover, it is possible the car might be in need of a repair. If this is the case, Michel will use a different car. Please excuse the possible inconvenience and know we will do everything we can to make the Land Rover a part of your adventure.”

About Michel

by Marlou Pulles

I grew up in this area and from my childhood on I have always been fascinated by the events that took place here in Oosterbeek during the Second World War. My father, who was a teenager at the time, told me about what happened here during the war. Together we walked through the area where many memories remain. Now every year in September I go to Oosterbeek with my daughter and we walk through the surroundings and taste the atmosphere of that period. In this way we keep history alive. Alongside my job in the Financial Markets I have an urge to share what I know. As a business consultant, my profession is about sharing knowledge and educating, so conducting this tour fits perfectly with my job. Looking forward meeting up….

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This Tour Includes:

  • An inspirational guide
  • A Land Rover trip
  • Coffee or tea along the way
  • A real taste of history

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02-04-2020 €90.00 (EUR)*  

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IC train station Ede/Wageningen Stationsplein 6 6711 PN, Arnhem

It’s the rule we live by: “locals know best”. Who better to find the best place to stay than someone who is actually from there. A little extra for A Dutch Experience guests. Use code “A Dutch Experience”.

Book With Lodging

Book With Lodging

Estate Hotel Groot Warnsborn

“Isn’t it beautiful here?” Anne Frank wrote to her grandmother when she was staying with her father in Estate Hotel Groot Warnsborn around 1941. The Hotel & Restaurant and the Orangery are embedded in carefully landscaped English terraced gardens and 750 hectares of monumental forest. The hotel is only 5 minutes’ drive from downtown Arnhem as well as an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. This very luxurious and comfortable 4-star hotel has 40 attractive rooms. The Landhuis has 25 classic rooms and the Koetshuis has 15 luxurious rooms with a Scandinavian feel. Rooms start at € 180.00 for a two-person room incl. breakfast.
A little extra* for A Dutch Experience guests. Use code “A Dutch Experience”

*A ticket for a visit to the church hall of the Eusebius tower and the lift to the top with Total Arnhem View.

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Bakenbergseweg 277
6816 VP, Arnhem

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