A Bridge too far

Oosterbeek is known internationally for the Battle of Arnhem. During the Second World War the area played an important role because of the airborne forces and battle of the allied troops in September 1944, as part of Operation Market Garden.

Leiden Down Under

Leiden is the place where Rembrandt was born and produced almost 50 works. Leiden is also the oldest university city in the Netherlands, known for its rich past, still visible in the old underground cellars. During this Experience you will explore Leiden above and below ground.

A rendez-vous on a private and secluded estate on the Veluwe: the tranquility is almost tangible

Hidden in the area called the Veluwe, one of the most beautiful and forest-rich ridges of hills in the Netherlands, is a secluded treasure. The terrain is accessible only via a private road, thus guaranteeing exclusivity and intimacy. This excursion is perfectly suited to individuals/teams who, during the experience, want to bless their last acquisition or to bind the a team for the next challenge.

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