Rotterdam in a Nutshell – one of the most exciting cities of the Netherlands

According to Lonely Planet ‘Innovation is the mantra in the Netherlands’ second city, and the locals embrace it with an enthusiasm that makes a visit here an exciting proposition.
This tour will bring you through the city’s cultural and culinary highlights. Rotterdam is the center of multicultural diversity and ethnic communities.

Amsterdam’s Amazing Street Food Tour with a former professional chef

Sample and soak up the current culture, along with historic references, which radiates from one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Food and taste is where every culture meets up and celebrates life! Let’s taste what Amsterdam has to offer!

Greenhouse in the sky: inside Europe’s biggest Urban Farm

Pretty much all the food being sold fresh today has traveled thousands of kilometers to get to your plate. At Urban Farmers they believe it’s more convenient, healthier, fresher and sustainable to grow food where it’s eaten: where people live, in cities.

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