Rotterdam in a Nutshell – one of the most exciting cities of the Netherlands

According to Lonely Planet ‘Innovation is the mantra in the Netherlands’ second city, and the locals embrace it with an enthusiasm that makes a visit here an exciting proposition.
This tour will bring you through the city’s cultural and culinary highlights. Rotterdam is the center of multicultural diversity and ethnic communities.

Dudok and Duiker: famous architects in the garden city of Hilversum

Admire the world famous City Hall of Hilversum, created by Willem Marinus Dudok. Visit the residential areas and public buildings Dudok designed as the architect of this energetic, expanding city. And, include the Sanatorium Zonnestraal designed by the young architect Jan Duiker. The complex is now nominated for the World Heritage List.

Sustainability: an inspirational experience in Rotterdam

Waste is only waste if you waste it!
Come and meet some of the most inspirational people and places of Rotterdam when it comes to sustainability. You will get the chance to visit places and companies that are at the forefront of the circular economy or meet up with social entrepreneurs that like to do business differently.

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