Behind the scenes in Delft with Vermeer and Delft Blue

Delft, a true gem between The Hague and Rotterdam, is the birthplace of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Delft has long been a center for fine ceramics. Enjoy an exclusive visit to a Delfts blue Studio and meet the Master Delft Blue painters. You will learn about the production process behind Delft Blue and how to recognize genuine Delft Blue design.

Take a walk Outside (the lines) with Piet Mondrian in Abcoude

Holland is famous for its extensive list of artists, masters of craft with artistic vision which made them stand out. Creativity is not something exclusive to artists although it is often perceived to be. No! Creativity is in everything and everyone is gifted with it. Creative expression is a good instrument with which to connect with creativity and to see what it can do for you.

A Meeting with Vincent van Gogh & his Mother

Have you always wanted to know who the man was behind the painter Vincent van Gogh? Curious about his life, his family and romantic involvements? Marie-Louise delves under the skin of Anna van Gogh Carbentus, Vincent’s mother, and tells you all the things that only a mother can know.

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