Dream Weekend: An ideal weekend without limitations of time, distance and money

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Carolien Mackay (50)

Business Communication Professional; member of the board of Nature Centre Arnhem

Married to Jan-Maarten and 2 sons, ages 18 and 16, and a dog called Whiskey

FRIDAY 17:00 hrs


After a long week, filled with work, household chores and taking care of the dog, I would really enjoy a 5-course dinner at the Hunting Lodge, one of the finest restaurants near home. It offers an exquisite culinary experience with perfectly cooked red game, fresh fish and wonderful wines. It is located in the Veluwezoom forest, on top of a hill overlooking the small town of Rozendaal. After an unforgettable dinner with matching wines, we head home by bike to sleep like a dog.

SATURDAY 9:00 hrs


After a quick breakfast, we head to the Rozendaalse Veld, to walk the dog and walk off last night’s dinner. This region has many miles of walking paths, bicycle tracks and dog friendly areas, and has a hilly landscape, with moorland as far as the eye can see. At the end of summer, this purple heather offers a magnificent view and a beautiful scent. After this long walk, we feed the dog, and have a cup of coffee. We then hop into the car and head to the South-Western part of Holland, to Zeeland.



After a 2,5 drive, we arrive at the picturesque beach town Domburg. We decide to have lunch at the beach restaurant, where we have freshly caught herring with onions, a fine Dutch delicacy, and rye bread. After lunch, we take a short stroll along the beach, enjoying the light, salty sea breeze, and the sun on our faces. We rent a couple of beach chairs, kick off our shoes and enjoy the beautiful weather.



We get up, walk along the beach water with the dog, and head up the beach path, along the dunes, towards our beach house. As we walk through the small town of Domburg, we cannot resist the smell of freshly baked apple pie and take two pieces home. At the beach house, we have tea and take a short nap. The sea is relaxing but also makes us sleepy!

Refreshed and totally relaxed, we walk to the town-center, where some great restaurants are located. We decide to try the new restaurant Mezger, which specializes in local produce and fresh fish. We order a nice bottle of champagne to start a wonderful dinner, which rounds off a perfect day!

Sunday 09:00 hrs


We take the dog for an early morning half-hour run along the beach of Domburg. As we catch our breath, we watch local artists making their beach paintings and watch children playing in the sand. At this point, the feeling of holiday has taken over from the every-day routine at home. We walk home past the bakery, where we buy fresh, warm bread rolls and the local delicacy ‘Bolussen’, a moist cinnamon roll.

After breakfast, we pack the car again and head off to The Hague, to visit family. We take them for a high tea in the famous restaurant Des Indes in the city center, which also serves as lunch. After sharing the latest news and gossip, we head home towards the Eastern part of Holland, to have one last walk with the dog through the Veluwezoom, enjoying the heavenly landscape of the Western Veluwezoom. With the sun in our faces, we enjoy the walk along romantic brooks, waterfalls and a vast variety of trees and bushes.

Sunday 18:00

In our home-town Velp, we hop into the trendy bar ‘Plan B’ for a divine cocktail with some friends. After a glance at the menu, we decide to stay there, and have a bite on the terrace. After a quick meal, we say goodbye and head  home. Rested, well-nourished and fully replenished, we go to bed with good memories of a lovely weekend. Ready for work in the morning!