Picture the canals of Amsterdam, filled with boats transporting barrels of beer, a herd of cattle moving through the streets on their way to market, a city square buzzing with the cries of fish vendors selling their wares, warehouses stocked with salted fish, wheat and cocoa beans, waiting to be shipped all around the world. The history of Amsterdam has a strong connection to food. Street names, gable stones and architecture remind us of its vibrant past, and the food we now eat can be viewed in an historical context. Join Charlotte on the Historical Food Tour of Amsterdam and discover the exciting commercial and culinary past of the city, and colonial influences on its cuisine. Experience recent developments in Dutch food culture and sample at least six local foods. Discover hidden cafes in the oldest area of Amsterdam.

Description of the tour about the food history of Amsterdam

Tour by foot • 3:00 – 5:30 pm • Group size 2-10 • €85.00 pp

We meet up at the oldest building in the city, in the very center: the Old Church (Oude Kerk). We begin with a warming cup of coffee or tea in the charming cafe where I introduce you to the history of Amsterdam, cover the basics in Food History and refer to sources (old cookbooks, still life paintings). Next I will guide you through Amsterdam’s culinary past. At each stop, I will select a foodstuff to discuss in more detail: sugar, beer, fish, meat, chocolate… You will have the opportunity of tasting a good selection of typical Dutch food linked to Amsterdam’s past (sweets, herring, cheese, Indonesian treats, and more!).
We will end the tour at a brewery, where we will taste different beers and enjoy more snacks. You will have gained knowledge about the (food) history of the city, have your fill of tasty delights, and receive a list of good restaurants and cafes to enjoy during the rest of your stay in Amsterdam!

About Charlotte


by Alina Krasieva

Following her studies in History and French, Charlotte Kleyn gained her Masters in Food History. She writes articles on the history of food for the Archaeology Magazine, Delicious (a new kind of Food Magazine), and the Parool (an Amsterdam-based daily newspaper). She also conducts research for TV-programs. Charlotte is currently writing a book based on the historic cookbooks in the Amsterdam University Library, together with her father Onno Kleyn, one of the most well-known culinary journalists of the Netherlands.
Beside cooking, eating and history, I am crazy about travel, languages, music and books.

“I am passionate about food and history. Some years ago, I discovered that the combination of the two is even more thrilling!”

This Tour Includes:

  • A knowledgeable food guide
  • Good food tastings
  • Great conversation
  • Coffee or tea
  • Beer

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  1. Claire McGuire says:

    This was an excellent quality tour and a unique way to experience the city of Amsterdam. Charlotte was extremely knowledgable, and curated the stops on the tour so that we were able to experience a wide variety of Dutch food types, as well as see some of the interesting and beautiful hidden architectural gems in the oldest part of Amsterdam. In a city with so many tourists and an overwhelming number of places to visit, it was so refreshing to have a chance to speak with a local and see her recommendations for exploring the city. Very highly recommended!

  2. Sara P says:

    I was very impressed by the experience. I loved the little cafe where we started the journey by first meeting our local tour guide Charlotte. She was so lovely and had a great way of presenting the food history of Amsterdam in a relatively short time. As someone who likes to experience cities on my own I found this tour to be a very helpfull and unique way of observing the surroundings and learning at the same time. My favourite part about the experience is that it’s kept in a small group so everyone can hear and taste everything. I do have to mention that the tour itself ended right on time but the last part, that is the beer tasting/hangout at the pub, goes past the 2,5hrs. That is just something to keep in mind in case you are on a tight schedule. For me that was not a problem at all and I really enjoyed that last bit aswell. I would recommend this tour to anyone that likes to experience things diferently! I went on my own and it was nice to meet new people and see Amsterdam from another prespective. I also think this could be a great idea for a gift.

  3. Anne Flynn says:

    I really and truly enjoyed myself on this tour. I have spent quite a lot of time in Amsterdam but was amazed by the hidden gems Charlotte showed us on our walk. I learned a great deal about the influence of Indonesian and Surinamese food in The Netherlands. I will definitely plan to try a Surinamese Restaurant soon. The walk was the perfect length and we stopped and snacked along the way. Perfect experience for foodies or history buffs, see Amsterdam through the eyes of a local…the best way!! Make sure to allow yourself so extra time to enjoy the last stop and savor the locally brewed beer. This tour is a great value for the price since all snacks/drinks are included.

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